The future has an ancient heart

Located at the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese zone, the Isimbarda estate owes its name to the ancient house of the marquises Isimbardi, Lombardy nobles who became the feudal lords of the Santa Giuletta estate at the end of the 17th century. In particular Don Luigi Isimbardi – who in the 19th century loved the Isimbarda farm just as much as he did his magnificent palazzo in Milan – was a skilled vine-grower and a pioneer of modern winemaking techniques.

Since 1991, Luigi Meroni, who may still use the Isimbardi coat of arms as the symbol of the estate, has worked with the same passion and modern entrepreneurial spirit. He updated the vineyards in a landscape-friendly way and built the cellar, the estate's true heart and nerve centre.

Cellar technology is devoted wholly to quality to allow the wines to fully express the great potential and versatility of the Oltrepò Pavese wines and terroir.
The cellar was designed to produced high-quality wines, from still or sparkling whites and our traditional, zesty Bonarda to big reds aged in noble woods and our sparkling wines made according to the traditional method from pinot noir grapes aged at length on lees.
The importance of the landscape

The Isimbarda estate is situated high above the broad expanse of the Po Valley amidst the most beautiful scenery where the view extends to the massive Alpine chain. In order to preserve and optimise this splendid natural setting, the estate has always ensured that its winemaking procedures showed due respect for the landscape. Therefore the vineyards are managed throughout the year not only so as to produce excellent wines but also to keep the land intact. To this end, all our vineyards have a perennial grass cover that is periodically mowed. This inhibits the soil erosion that reduces the land's fertility and puts the hydrogeological stability of hilly ground at risk. This vineyard management system produces excellent wines and protects the land, thereby safeguarding and preserving its intrinsic beauty.

It will be clear, even from this brief account, that this is a difficult, onerous choice. But we firmly believe that high-quality wine production must go hand-in-hand with the protection of our land and that the quality of our wines is enhanced by the beauty of our landscape and the skilled work of the people who seek to preserve it.
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